Meet Amanda Lamb

amanda lamb

When Amanda Lamb was 6 years old, her mom took her to a fair filled with barnyard animals. As the story goes, Amanda spent the entire afternoon obsessing about the lone horse on display, who lurked in the far corner of his pen until she coaxed him out with her patience and sheer will to interact with this creature. After that she was hooked, and has made horses the center of her world. Her first lessons were under the patient tutelage of a natural horsemanship master, who saw in her an innate sensitivity for horses. Amanda then moved into the hunter-jumper world, and then onto jumpers, never losing her keen compassion for the amazing athletes that were her privilege to ride. Amanda believes that horses deserve the very best care available to them, in exchange for the beautiful experiences they give us. While spending a season competing on her horses in Western Canada, Amanda was introduced to PEMF, and was impressed with the way her aging ex-Grand Prix horse, as well as her young prospect, responded to regular PEMF therapy. She realized that this was a treatment that would allow her to gently and effectively help her horses feel their best. Amanda began training under one of the busiest PEMF practitioners in Western Canada, and is excited to now offer the therapy to horses in Southern California.

What Equestrians Are Saying:

“I can’t say enough nice things about Amanda and the benefits that PEMF have had on my big guy! I was referred by a friend and figured I’d give a shot, never having heard of PEMF but being intrigued by the website.

I am absolutely floored by the changes in my horse since his very first treatment! I’ve joked for years about his ugly little trot (more like “shuffle”!), and for the first time- I have a horse that stretches down, reaches, and has good suspension, but the trot feels like an entirely different ride. He is even going both directions (he has tended to be stickier on the left lead), he has more power and reach in the canter strides, and above all else- his general wellbeing, calmness, and work ethic have all improved.

He has always been a good guy but he is truly having a blast jumping around and “showing off” now that he feels SO good!

I’ve had Amanda out to work her magic twice now and absolutely plan to keep up with it. If you have never tried PEMF before- give it a shot, you just might be as amazed as I was!”

Kaitlyn Stoneberger, Facebook | August 2019

“I highly recommend Amanda for your PEMF needs! She did 2 full body + legs PEMF treatments on my hunter at the Blenheim oaks show, and he felt absolutely fantastic, ending up champion in the 3’3 hunters! Amanda is conscientious about how the horse is feeling throughout the treatment, knows when to turn it up or to back off, and takes the time necessary for your horse to have a great treatment. I recommend her to anyone that’s local or in town showing at Blenheim!”

Megan Daly-Ihnat, Facebook | August 2019

“Basil had his second treatment today. Seeing the contented look on his face as he totally relaxed and enjoyed his session makes me so happy. Thank you Amanda.”

Priscilla Salehi, Facebook | October 2019

“I honestly can’t say enough about Amanda and Performance Pulse Therapy! My show jumper, Moe, absolutely loves his PEMF treatments and has never looked better. I had the chance to even have Amanda work on my back, which I broke two years ago and recently have been having issues with. After getting some treatment done I’m a little jealous how pampered my horse is over me! Within 15-20mins I felt completely loose and pain free after a pretty rough morning. Moe has shown great improvements since starting PEMF and I can tell he’s thoroughly enjoying his time with Amanda. Not only does she treat my horse well and do excellent work, Amanda is kind, professional and a joy to be around. I’ll be having her back for many more in the future as well as getting my older horse checked out.”

Ashleigh Magnus, Facebook | August 2019

“In just one treatment my horse, a notoriously stabby mover with a short range of motion, was notably better. I can’t wait to see how he looks with regular PEMF treatments. It works wonders. Highly recommend it!”

Natalie Rietkerk, Facebook | January 2020